Genetic Polymorphism of Angiotensinogen M235T Gene and Essential Hypertension on Ethics in Southeast Sulawesi

Author : A. F. Tasruddin, A. Pratama, B. Bintoro, S. Soebijakto
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: Studies on genetic polymorphism of angiotensinogen M235T gene has been conducted in several countries showed that the emergence of alel 235T to people of asia has increased the risk of hypertension compared to caucasians. Nevertheless, relations between angiotensinogen gene polymorphism and essensial hypertension risk on intra-populations of asian people between ethnics is still indicated less consistent. Therefore, this study aims to examine the relationship of polymorphism of angiotensinogen M235T gene as a risk factor causing essensial hypertension.

Methods: This research used “cross sectional study” design, Angiotensinogen M235T variant towards Essensial Hypertension. This experiment used moleculer biology method in which the result of DNA electrophoresis taken from the sample which had been PCR and RFLP.

Results: The result of this study demostrate that the chi-square is 1,194 with p-value 0,275 > α (0,005). This frequency of homozygous (genotype TT) is 8 (13,1%) on normotensive sample and 46 (75,4%) on hypertension sample. There are 7 (8,6%) of hypertension found on the heterozygous (genotype MT) and not found in the normotensive sample. Tolaki ethnic who had homozygous (genotype TT)  were 27 sample (44,3%) and homozygous (genotipe MT) were 6 sample (9,8%). Muna ethnic who had homozygous (genotype TT) were 22 sample (36,1%) and there were no found heterozygous (genotype MT). Buton ethnic who had homozygous (genotype TT) were 5 sample (8,2%) dan heterozygous (genotype MT) sebanyak 1 sample (1,6%). The number of patient homozygous (genotype TT) were 54 sample (88,5%), pasien homozygous (genotype MT) wer 7 (11,5%) and no patients were homozygous (genotype MM).

Conclusion: This study concludes that there is not a relationship between polymorphism of Angiotensinogen M235T gene and essensial hypertension on ethnic Southeast Sulawesi.

KEYWORDS : angiotensinogen M235T gene, essential hypertension, ethnic, Southeast Sulawesi

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