Garlic Metabolites increase Cholesterol Efflux from Lipid-loaded Macrophages

Author : B. S. Pikir
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: Experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits showed that garlic extracts increased cholesterol plasma level during the first two months of treatment followed by decreased it after second two months of treatment with less atherosclerosis on pathologic examinations. In vitro study on primary culture of human aortic athererosclerotic plaques, garlic extracts decreased intracellular content of free cholesterol, cholesteryl ester as well as triglyceride.

We study the effect of Garlic metabolites DDS (Diallyl disulfide), SAC (S-Allylcysteine), and SAMC (S=allylmeracptocysteine) on the efflux of cholesterol from acetylated-LDL loaded J-774 macrophages.

Background: This research was conducted by post-test only design,  The data were analyzed by oneway Anova test, followed by LSD if statistically significant for p < 0,05.

100 µM SAC decreased 43 % of intracellular free cholesterol concentration. Intracellular cholesteryl ester concentration was decrease by 62 %  ( 85 %, 68 % and 34 % decreased in cholesteryl arachidonate,  cholesteryl linoleate and cholesteryl oleate respectively). Why did we find no siginificant different of intracellular free cholesterol content between treatment and control, because cholesteryl ester must be hydrolized into free cholesterol before can be transported extracellularly to ABCA1 transporter. .

Results: DDS and SAMC did not have an effect on cholesterol efflux from acetylated-LDL-loaded J-774 macrophages. This was not a clinical problem, because DDS will be metabolized into SAMC and SAC in the body.

It seem that 100 μM SAC were the most effective doses for cholesterol efflux from lipid-loaded J-774 macrophages (43 %). Higher dose of SAC was not effective in transporting cholesterol extracellularly. Atherosclerotic regresiion by garlic maybe come early and by active cholesterol mobilization from soft atherosclerotic plaque; on the contrary atherosclerotic regression by statin maybe come late by passive mechanism after LDL-cholsterol less than 70 mg %.

KEYWORDS : Garlic metabolites, Diallyl disulfide, S-allylcysteine, S-allylmercaptocysteine, Cholesterol efflux, J-774 macrophages, free cholesterol, cholesteryl ester. cholesteryl arachidonate, cholesteryl linoleate. cholesteryl oleate.

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