The Role of Primary Care Physician in Educating Hypertensive Patient

Author : N.P.A. Laksmi, A. Hendrayana
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Aims: To determine the prevalence of education from primary care physician regarding hypertension and the relationship of education with controlled blood pressure, knowledge regarding hypertension, and medical check-up routine of hypertensive patient.

Methods: The analytic cross-sectional study was conducted at Karunia BPJS Clinic from July to December 2017. A total of 70 hypertensive patients were observed. The data were collected via direct interviews. The blood pressures were measured with mercury sphygmomanometer. The knowledges were assessed using hypertensive knowledge-level scale and the medical check-up routines was obtained through medical record of hypertensive patients. The data were analyzed with SPSS 24.0.

Results: There were 70 hypertensive patients, which consist of 37 (52.9%) males and 33 (47.1%) females. The mean age was 50.70 ± 5.9. Educations had been given to 43 (61.4%) samples by the primary care physician and the rest of samples, 27 (38.6%), had never received any education from primary care physician. Only 33 (47.1%) samples had controlled blood pressures. Good knowledges regarding hypertension were found only in 30 (42.9%) samples. There were 37 (52.9%) samples who go to primary care physician every month for medical checkups. The analysis of the data showed significant relationship of education from primary care physician with controlled blood pressure (p = 0.020) and medical check-up routines of the patients (p = 0.036). However, there was no statistically-significant association between education from physician and knowledge regarding hypertension in samples (p = 0.076).

Conclusion:  This study found that primary care physician only gives education regarding hypertension to some of the hypertensive patients. There was no correlation between education from physician and knowledge regarding hypertension in hypertensive patient, it needs more research to prove it. Nevertheless, there are correlations among education, controlled blood pressure, and medical check-up routines of hypertensive patient

KEYWORDS : Hypertension. Education. Controlled Blood Pressure

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