Which Hematological Parameters are Best Correlated with Troponin in NSTE-ACS?

Author : I. E. Hermawati, A. Subagjo, I. Alfia
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background : Recent studies have shown that White Blood Cells (WBC), Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR), Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio (PLR), Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) and WBC to MPV ratio (WMR) can predict mortality and incidence of Major Adverse Cardiac Event (MACE), provide independent information of risk stratification and optimal management as well as troponin in NSTE-ACS patient. The aims of this study are to determine correlation between each hematological parameter and troponin, also to find out the strongest correlation between those variable in NSTE-ACS patients.

Methods : This is a correlational study. All patients underwent Complete Blood Count (CBC), troponin I and CKMB examination. The correlation between those parameters and troponin were analyzed with pearson correlation test and spearman rank sum test.

Results : A total of 49 patients with NSTE-ACS were recruited in this study. 73.5% males and 26.5% females. 10.2% low risk, 46.9% intermediate risk, 32.7% high risk and 10.2% very high risk stratification. WBC has significant positive correlation with troponin (r=0.357 p=0.012). NLR has positive significant correlation with troponin (r=0.300 p=0.036). WMR has strongest positive correlation with troponin (r=0.377, p=0.008).

Conclusion : WMR is an accessible and inexpensive parameter which has strongest correlation with troponin in NSTE-ACS patients. It can be used as predictor diagnostic marker in NSTE-ACS other than troponin.

KEYWORDS : Hematological parameters, NLR, PLR, WMR

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