Association Between the Length of Congestive Heart Failure and WHO-5 Well-being Index

Author : Z. P. Murti, S. I. Sugiarto, D. A. Paramita
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: This fitness index was originally developed by Danish psychiatrists to measure the depression level of people with diabetes mellitus. After that, it was developed for its use and was named as WHO-5 Well-being Index. Department of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine at University of Indonesia suggest that WHO-5 Fitness Index can be used for assessing the quality of life from patients with heart failure. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the length of congestive heart failure (CHF) and WHO-5 Well-being Index in CHF patients admitted to Pandan Arang General Hospital, Boyolali, Indonesia.

Methods: This study was a prospective cross-sectional design. Data from consecutive outpatients visiting Pandan Arang General Hospital, Boyolali, Indonesia from October to November 2017 were analyzed. There were 37 outpatients (21 males and 16 females) who fullfilled the criterias. The inclusion criteria was patient with CHF because of heart disease and the exclusion criteria were patient with kidney disease, cancer, and liver disease.

Results: All measured values were reported as mean ± standard deviation (continues variables). Pearson correlation analysis were done to measure the relationship between length of CHF and WHO-5 Well-being Index (p<0.05 was considered as significant). The result showed that the mean of WHO score was 73.56 ± 24.73 in patient who suffers CHF < 5 years compare with WHO score 54.57 ± 27.51 in patient who suffers CHF > 5 years. There was significant negative correlation between length of CHF and WHO-5 Well-being Index (p<0.05). Moderate correlation was showed by the Pearson coefficient (r = -0.345, p=0.037).

Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the length of CHF had inverse relationship with WHO-5 Well-being Index in CHF patients.

KEYWORDS : congestive heart failure, Well-being Index

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