Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Uncorrected Congenital Heart Disease: A Single-Centre Experience

Author : A. Wardhani, A. Yudanto, M.B.A. Pramono, Y. Herry
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: Pregnant women with heart disease, need comprehensive pre and post natal care, are at increased risk for cardiac and neonatal complications particularly in developing countries. Focused on patients with uncorrected congenital heart disease (CHD) are not fully defined.

Objective: To provide data on the clinical characteristics, maternal, and perinatal outcome of pregnancy patients with CHD.

Method: This study is a single hospital-based retrospective registry of pregnancy patients with CHD hospitalized in Dr. Kariadi General Hospital Semarang from 2015 to 2017

Result: We reported 21 patients with CHD (mean age 27 years) and 17 patients (81%)  had intermediate education level. 17 patients (81%) of whom with acyanotic and 4 patients (19%) with cyanotic CHD. Among the study patients, there were 2 miscarriages (pregnancies not ending in miscarriage) and 19 completed pregnancies. Maternal heart failure (17 patients) and stroke (1 patient) occurred in 18 completed pregnancies (85%). There were 2 maternal deaths (9.5%). Neonatal complications occurred in 18 completed pregnancies (85%). Neonatal events included death (1 patient), asphyxia (3 patients), premature birth (10 patients), and small-for-gestational-age birth weight (4 patients).

Conclusion: This study shows that pregnancy with CHD hospitalized in our center are young, socially disadvantaged, intermediate educational level with a high mortality rate, high maternal complication and high perinatal complication. Therefore pregnancy with CHD needs not only to be addressed by a multidisciplinary team but also patient health awareness.

KEYWORDS : pregnancy, congenital heart disease, maternal outcome, perinatal outcome

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