Return to Work after Heart Attack

Author : Dewi Sumaryani Soemarko
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Introduction: The Act of Indonesian mention that every citizen can get a job wheter he or she is healthy or disable. Based on this act, we should know the condition of health worker before we decided this worker is fit to work in the same work or not . The heart diseases, especially the coronary heart diseases is one of the mortality and morbidity causal in Developing countries. It’s cause the disability and decrease the quality of life and burden the economic. If some one get sick and injury and finally get disable, it means that he or she can not work anymore. This worker can work with high motivation for working. But for several condition, the worker must do the job replacement before working in the same job. It needed support from employer,insurance, health provider and others. The aim of this written is to know about return to work concept in Indonesia and case study for return to work in several heart diseases in Indonesia

Methods: Literature review from Journal and Perdoki consensus about return to work ; case study from several heart diseases cases.

Resuls: There are several steps for Occupational Diseases management. After that, it should be evaluation with 7 steps Fit to work for return to work (Perdoki Consensus) and finaly must doing the Return to work Programme (Perdoki ). Evaluation Return to work Programme by Occupational Medicine Specialist. The case study found lenght time return to work for heart diseases depend on: Duration of stay in hospital (usualy more than 6 days), depend on the condition of ejection fraction left ventricel (<50%), type of Occupation (mobile), decision for working again (her/himself).

Conclusion and recommendation: Return to work is important, It is different for each worker and related to medicolegal aspect. It should be done by the Competent Doctor in Occupational Medicine. The Return to work programme must be done only that worker’s needed.

KEYWORDS : Return to work, Heart diseases

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