Significant Relationship of 6 Minutes Walk Test Improvement after Phase II Rehabilitation Program on the state of Ejection Fraction in Post CABG Surgery Patients

Author : S. Ginting; H. Hasan; A. H. Raynaldo; B. Napitupulu
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: The 6-min walking test (6MWT) is a simple test, which does not require expensive equipment or advanced training. Accordingly, cardiac rehabilitation after CABG surgery may be a potential field of application of this test. We investigated the association between ejection fraction (EF) with 6MWT distance in cardiac rehabilitation phase II patients after CABG surgery.

Methods: 39 cardiac phase II rehabilitation patients after CABG surgery were included in this cohort study. The data was collected from October 2017 to December 2017. Bivariate analysis was applied.

Results            : The program were held on 12 meeting by such exercise as ergometry, walking, treadmill sessions and were followed by 39 patients; 69.2% man with mean of age of 53.26±13.19 years old, 6MWT results were 223.41±78.872 meters, EF of 51.44±7.3% which 69.2% are having preserved EF, with 100% on low grade of fitness level, with METs capacity before program were around 2.04 ± 0.3793 METs. In the end of program, those parameters are improving significantly such as on six minutes walk test (337.74±94.284, p<0.01, r 0.590), METs capacity (7.654±1.7994, p 0.03, r 0.345 ), EF (51.64±5.865, p<0.01, r 0.896), and grade of fitness level (51.3% were achieving average grade of fitness, p<0.05). Bivariate analysis were done on the improvement on 6MWT over the preserved EF compared to the low EF. There is no statistically significant comparison found on the improvement of 6MWT achievement between participants with the preserved EF (116.62±86.55) compared to the low EF (109.16±64.3, p 0.791).

Conclusion: There is improvement on 6MWT after phase II rehabilitation program in post CABG surgery patients either on group with preserved EF and the low EF, but there is no significant relationship of this improvement based on the comparison on the state of EF

KEYWORDS : 6 Minutes Walk Test, EF, Post CABG

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