Effectivity of Fixed Dose Combination of Antihypertensive Agent Compared to Free-Drugs Component: A Meta Analysis

Author : A.Ferly, M. Aprilia, G. A. R. Pertiwi
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Aims or Background: Adherence of antihypertensive therapy is one of the most important factors in the management of hypertension in the general population. As many cases of hypertension needed multiple drugs to manage, the emergence of oral fixed dose combination hypertensive agent may help in increasing adherence of the patients and reduce morbidity associated with hypertension. Previous meta analysis were done in 2010, and since then many new studies were conducted to compare fixed-drug combination to free drug components on compliance and effectiveness of the drugs. This meta-analysis aims to synthesize recent findings related to this topic

Methods: Literature search were conducted using several database: Cochrane reviews, Google Scholarand Pubmed NIH. Literature searched were conducted using keywords of “fixed drugs combinatons”and “antihypertensive agent” and various outcomes that we assessed in this study. After initial literature were found, abstract reading conducted found three studies appropriate for this meta analysis. Two cohorts studies and one trial were included in this meta analysis

Results: Forrest plot regarding adherence constructed from these studies showed heterogenity of 4.31 (p:0.21), with pooled effect of Z:2.14 (p:0.03).  Another plot addressing efficacy of antihypertensive treatment showed heterogenity of 3.12 (p:0.17) with pooled effect of Z:1.77 (p:0.21). Qualitative observations from several studies showed that patient preferred fixed drugs combination as it made them easier to remember consuming multiple drugs.

Conclusion: This meta analysis showed that giving fixed drug combination yielded better adherence among patients. However, the efficacy of these drugs in reducing blood pressure are comparable.

KEYWORDS : Fixed Drugs Combination, Antihypertensives, Adherence, Blood Pressure Management

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