HF Reduced EF: Demographic and Clinical Profile in National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita

Author : B. B. Siswanto, H. Safitri, Danny, A. R. Hidayat, B.A. Marsudi, J. O. Santoso, P. Almazini, R. P. So
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background : Heart failure (HF) remains a major problem in Indonesia with 229.696 patients diagnosed in 2013. Ejection fraction (EF) measurement remains crucial for diagnosis and assessment of the disease.Multiple studies have shown HF with reduced EF to have poorer prognosis compared to other groups.

This study evaluates clinical profile and in-hospital mortality among patients with heart failure with reduced EF.

Method: We opted for a descriptive, retrospective study design. Data was obtained from ESC HF Registry in 2016 at National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita. Subjects include all hospitalized patients with age  >18 years, with reduced ejection fraction HF, diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiography. A total of 146 patients were included.

Result: HFrEF was frequent in patients aged 41-65 years (N=103; 70.5%), >65 years (N= 27;18.5%), and least frequent in 19-40 years(N=16, 11%). Prevalence of HFrEF was higher in males (N=109, 74.4%) than in women (N=37, 25.3%). Several risk factors were also identified namely, smoking (N=73, 50%),type 2 diabetes (N=60, 41.1%), alcohol consumption (N=12, 8.2%), and history of previous Atrial Fibrillation (N=27, 18.5%). Ischemic heart disease either documented (N=52, 35.6%) or not documented (N=45, 30.8%) by coronary angiography is the most common etiology followed by hypertension (N=9, 6.2%), dilated cardiomyopathy (N=15, 10.3%), valve disease (N=18, 12.3%), tachycardia related cardiomyopathy (N=1, 0.7%), and other causes (N=6, 4.1%). In-hospital mortality in patient with HFrEF is 17,1% in one year observed.

Conclusion : The clinical profile of patients with HFrEF at NCCHK is predominant in male patients with age range 45-65 years old. Classical risk factor like smoking status remains significant . Ischemic Heart disease is the main etiology in our center. Predicted having poor prognosis in HFrEF, number of in-hospital mortality in our center still high.

KEYWORDS : Clinical profile, Etiology, Risk factor, Heart Failure

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