Correlation between Glycemic Control and Ankle Brachial Index in Diabetic Patients at Lombok, NTB

Author : M. J. P. Putra, B. Rahmat, J. Anggoro, Y. Indrayana
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background : The correlation between diabetes mellitus and coronary, cerebral and peripheral vessel disease has been established but the relation between glycemic control in diabetes patients with prevalence of Peripheral artery disease (PAD) were not well understood.

Method : This cross sectional study was conducted in randomly selected diabetes patients in internal medicine outpatient clinic NTB province general hospital. Patients with history of Peripheral artery disease (PAD), Chronic kidney disease (CKD), DM with complication at extremity and ABI Score ≥ 1,4 were excluded from this study. Total 60 subjects were assigned to two different groups, the well controlled diabetes and uncontrolled diabetes with cut off point of fasting blood sugar (FBS) is 130 mg/dL. Ankle brachial index were determined in all patients.

Result : 26 males and 34 females with mean age 58 years old who registered with DM were examined. The mean FBS was 110 mg/dL in patients with well controlled diabetes and 204 mg/dL in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Most patients had duration of diabetes more than 5 years. Based on ABI ≤ 0.9, PAD was diagnosed in 5 (17.9%) patients in group uncontrolled diabetes and 5 (15.6%) in group well controlled diabetes. Prevalence of PAD in uncontrolled diabetes was not significantly different with group well controlled diabetes. Mean ABI slightly lower in uncontrolled diabetes compared with controlled diabetes (0.95 and 1.00 respectively)

Conclusion : This study failed to show the expected relation between uncontrolled diabetes with ABI less than 0.9. Futher research is needed and should include a large sample, more accurate method for ABI reading and controlled diabetes determination and more additional cardiovascular risk factors to evaluate the relation between controlled diabetes and Peripheral artery disease (PAD).

KEYWORDS : Diabetes Mellitus, Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), Peripheral artery disease, glycemic control

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