Left Ventricular Early Inflow-Outflow Index as an Indicator for Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation Severity

Author : R. Puspitoadhi, M.H. Cahyadi, H.H. Satoto, U. Bahrudin, M.A. Nugroho
Upload Date : 19-04-2018

Background: Left ventricular early inflow-outflow index (LVEIO) is simple-to-use Doppler echocardiographic parameter that could potentially be used for quantification of MR severity; however, there is only limited data to support it. Purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between LVEIO and MR severity and to predict the severity MR base on the LVEIO value.

Methods: Ninety one patients with mild to severe chronic mitral regurgitation were enrolled in this study. Vena contracta width and MR jet area were used to assess the severity of MR. A single – point measurement of early diastolic filling velocity and LV outflow velocity integrated over the systolic ejection period (LVOT VTI) and was calculated by using the E/LVOT VTI formula.

Result: The mean of the age of the patients was 54.5 years old and 50.5% of them had LVEF >50%.  LVEIO was 4.6±1.4, 6.4±1.6, and 12±1.4 among those with mild, moderate, and severe MR, respectively (ANOVA p <0.001). LVEIO was correlated with the severity of MR (r=0.659, p<0.001). Receiver operating characteristic analysis showed that the area under the curve for LVEIO was 0.87 for severe MR. Patients with LVEIO >7.84 were likely to have severe MR (OR 30.67).

Conclusion : Data of this study support the idea that left ventricular early inflow – outflow index can be used as a simple echocardiographic parameter for quantification of mitral regurgitation severity.

KEYWORDS : echocardiography, left ventricular early inflow-outflow index, mitral regurgitation

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